Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Why Choose Us?
Everything we do is transparent because we want to be as clear as possible with you. This reduces confusion and ensure that our customers are always happy with us because they know what we are offering and they are getting what the expected.

Totally Online
Our internet based application procedure has a number of benefits to both us and our customers that combine to make for an overall process that is second to none. You'll enjoy both our online application form and our easy reloan system.

We Approve Quickly
It's rare that one of our applications takes longer than fifteen minutes for us to process and have a decision on your credit. That's because we know that you want to have confirmation one way or the other as fast as possible and we don't want to waste your time.
Borrowing Money
Fill Out Our Form
Go find your wallet and get your driver's license and your Social Security Number. Those are the only documents besides your online banking that you're going to need to fill out your application.

Screen Capture
You'll need your online banking username and password because once you've filled out the form you'll be installing our easy to use screen capture application. Just run the program, log in to your banking, and click on the Capture button in the upper right corner.

Funds Deposited Directly
Once we've received the screen captures we'll send you the funds via ACH, also known as Automated Clearing House. This will take no more than a business day and sometimes less.

Need Help?
Run into anything unexpected? You can call us at 605-221-2790 for assistance at any time.
Reasons To Borrow
Weeks Not Months
If the time you expect to need the money is for weeks then we're a good option. If you're thinking about probably reborrowing for months at a time, then you should really be considering getting a loan from a bank at a much lower interest rate.

You should be trying to improve your financial situation with a payday loan, so situations where you're saving money through avoiding NSF fees or costly reconnection charges are the type that make payday loans affordable and useful.

Immediate Issues
One key aspect of deciding whether to get a payday loan or not is the immediacy of the situation that you're facing. If you could just delay for a week or two then you might be better off, even if you are a little late on your payment.

We Lend Across South Dakota